COMPASS 40 UN.O.: Automatic bar calendering without operator intervention!

Today, the construction sector of big works requires precision and high quality in order to guarantee important structural safety and reliability. 

In order to construct foundations for wind turbines or reinforcements for tunnels and galleries in accordance with the industry requirements, it is mandatory to use perfect calendered bars

To achieve this goal, during the production of calenders it is important to ensure:

Constant and always identical calendering: One of the greatest difficulties is the production of calenders always with the same bending radius, or with variable radii every 5/6 bars (wind foundations). This problem is linked to the geometry of wires: the bars are not perfectly round but ovoid and have different geometries along the surface.
This difference is the basis for the production of calenders with different bending radii: in order to obtain constant calendering, it is necessary to introduce the bars into the calendering machine always oriented in the same way, an operation that is nowadays carried out manually by the operator. 

1. Calenders made by inserting the bars in the same orientation.
2. Calenders made by inserting the bars with different insertion angle.

Product constant testing: In order to assess whether the finished product conforms to the set design, traces are made on the floor with the desired curvature. Once calendered, the bar is overlaid on the design made on the floor and the result is then checked; this test is usually done by hand by the operator and involves, especially in cases of different calendering, a great loss of time.

Operator safety: a product that conforms to the settings requires manual intervention by the operator who inserts and handles the bar in the calendering machine, bringing it 'dangerously' close to the machine's pulling wheels, thus risking possible accidents.

It is therefore important to have a solution that allows you to produce high quality calendered bars accurately, efficiently and safely!

Schnell offers COMPASS 40 UN.O., an automatic system that enables the automatic selection, orientation, calendering and unloading of bars without the need for operator intervention.

COMPASS 40 UN.O. ensures:
- automatic processing and therefore increased productivity and operator safety;
- high quality of the final product due to the insertion of bars which are always oriented in the same way and therefore high precision thanks to the automatic real-time control of the bending radius;
- constant and always identical calendering

The big difference and innovation compared to conventional bar calendering systems is the introduction of the patented bar orientation device, which allows the bar to be oriented before being inserted into the calendering machine in an automatic way, thus guaranteeing constant and identical calendering.

Bar selection and orientation operations take place on a working line parallel to the calendering one, so that the bars can be loaded and oriented in hidden time while the machine is calendering, guaranteeing high production volumes.

Thanks to the 'Senso' technology (Schnell Patent), Compass UN.O. immediately detects the bending radius once the bar has been calendered, thus ensuring continuous quality control of the bars coming out of the calendering machine.

Compass 40 UN.O. also allows the automatic calendering of several bars simultaneously and the production of calenders with different bending radii and circles.

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