10/25/2016 Schnell News

Accuracy and Power with Schnell Straightening Machines

Thanks to continuous innovation and attention to detail, Schnell has introduced the new “rotor” type straightening machines alongside the well-known “roller” type straightening machines.
Today Schnell produces a wide range of wire straightening machines working from Ø 2 mm to Ø 20 mm (#3 ÷ #6) to meet the different needs of customers. 


Schnell has a range of high speed “rotor” type wire straightening machines for the production of straight bars from Ø2 mm to Ø12 mm (#3) from straight, ribbed or galvanized wires in coils.
They are equipped with high-speed cutting units, brushless motors and have a max pulling speed of 160 m/min (525 ft/min)

R 8

Among the new Schnell “rotor” type wire straighteners, the R 8 is the best-selling machine producing cut-to-size wires up to Ø 8 mm (#3).

R 8 is available in three versions:

- Fixed cut with manually adjustable measuring unit for a maximum cutting precision (± 0.5 mm).  
- Fixed cut with automatic measuring unit for a maximum cutting flexibility (± 0.5 mm).  
- Rotating cut system with automatic measurement via encoder for higher productivity (± 0.5 mm/m).

To see the R 8 at work CLICK HERE.
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