4/8/2019 Munich, Germany

Thanks for visiting Bauma 2019!

The BAUMA fair, the biggest global event dedicated to construction machinery and equipment, has just ended; it was a record edition with over 620,000 visitors plus 3,700 exhibitors from 63 countries testify to the great success of the event.

Schnell success was confirmed by the huge number of visitors: from 8 to 14 April more than 2.500 people from all over the world visited our stand to discover new ideas and solutions able to meet their production needs.

Industry experts require increasingly advanced digital technologies and automated processes and Schnell has not betrayed their expectations, presenting not only modern machines for reinforced concrete processing, but also innovative software solutions and operator integration with the machine, allowing the optimization of the production processes to improve costs and performances. In an atmosphere of familiarity and collaboration, Schnell team has shared ideas and designed new production solutions with customers to better meet their needs.

Robot APPS

Among the innovative solutions presented during the Bauma, the Robot APPS was particularly successful: the automatic robot capable of picking straight bars or stirrups of variable shape and size directly from the stirrup bender plus be able to stack them in different areas around its radius of action.
Robot APPS ensures a constant production during the entire working cycle and thus a significant increase in productivity.
APPS also ensures increased safety and reduction of risks due to the non-intervention of the operator on the stirrup bender.

Schnell also presented:

Robomaster 60 EVO: Schnell new bending robot embodies the historical reliability and efficiency of the Robomaster integrated with important innovations, which improve its performance: automatic loading and unloading arms, retractable arms and easy replacement of the bending mandrels.

- Lista Bend 20R: multirotor straightening-shaping machine equipped with fast diameter change, automatic mandrel change and innovative straightening system; it is the most suitable machine for the production of straight bars, big stirrups and shapes with bends at both ends using coils up to Ø 20 mm.

Great interest and success was achieved by the prototype of "Sense Wearable Technology", the new Smart technology aimed at greater interaction man-machine to improve both machine performances and operator safety: thanks to these new devices the operator becomes supervisor of the production process.

Another big novelty this year was Schnell clothing store

After the first clothing line last year at the Wire & Tube fair, this year Schnell presented the new 2019 collection: a collection entirely designed and produced in Italy for Schnell by Italian designers.
Find the new “100% Made in Italy” collection on our website store.schnell.it.

We thank all participants who, together with Schnell team, have contributed to the great success of the event!