10/24/2018 Colli al Metauro

Series 16: Unmatched Productivity and Versatility

Find out the innovative machines of the SERIES 16 dedicated to rebar cutting and bending up to Ø16 mm, which differ for high versatility and productivity.  


Wire straightening machine with rollers which highlights its high pulling speed (up to 240m / min) and straightening by Joystick.
The "SUPER" version is designed for Heavy Duty processing and forms the basis of the Reta Line plants. 

Bidirectional automatic stirrup bender for coils, ideal for the production of stirrups, straightened and shaped bars.  
Equipped with an Anti-Twist device and available in 3D version for the production of three-dimensional pieces, it is one of the most productive and customizable stirrup bender on the market.

Bidirectional stirrup bendershaping machine for coils with two bending heads, equipped with patented pulling system, for the independent feeding of single or double wires, for the production of even or odd quantities, very common in residential construction.

CLICK HERE for the complete range of stirrup benders, CLICK HERE for straighteners.