Automatic bar cutting bench

Electro-mechanical automatic bar cutting bench with 5 transfer roller tracks and a second additional rebar conveyor.

Thanks to the second transfer track, parallel to the cutting unit, cut-bars can be placed along the whole length of the roller track optimizing the use. This means that the same roller track can be used to store different orders. 
Basically, it is as if you had a much greater number of roller tracks allowing a better cutting optimization thus reducing the quantity of scraps.

The cutting bench "OPTIBAT 5" represents the ideal solution for those working large numbers of small-sized orders and it is especially designed for civil housing.

Besides being flexible and fast, its electromechanical technology ensures: 
- high accuracy
- minimum noise production; 
- reduced power and air consumption
- reduced maintenance.

Technical data

    Cutting capacity

    Cuts per minute
    Pulling Speed
    Pulling Speed (Brushless)
    Average power consumption

    Cutting capacity

    Cuts per minute
    Pulling Speed
    Average power consumption

    OPTIBAT 5 - 65 T
    1 Ø 32 mm (#10)
    2 Ø 26 mm (#8)
    3 Ø 20 mm (#6)
    4 Ø 16 mm (#5)
    115 m/min (380 ft/min)
    160 m/min (530 ft/min)
    3 kWh

    OPTIBAT 5 - 100 T
    1 Ø 40 mm (#11)
    2 Ø 32 mm (#10)
    3 Ø 28 mm (#8)
    4 Ø 20 mm (#6)
    5 Ø 16 mm (#5)
    135 m/min (450 ft/min)
    4 kWh

As the products are in continuous development,
the technical specifications and images are purely by way of example and not binding.