Automatic double bending machine
Robomaster 60 EVO  

Automatic double bending machine for bars up to Ø 50 mm (#14). It works automatically and bends any kind of shapes, positive and negative bends included. 

Version with automatic feeding and discharging units, which fold away (Optional): they allow the minimum distance of 980 mm between the two bending mandrels.

Automatic system for bars feeding and discharging 
Ejection cylinder: pneumatic ejector for shapes and mandrels to remove the tools from the toothed part 
- the positions of the clamps and guides on the kick off arms and their adjustment are motorized and automatic
- Operation by means of digital electric servomotors 
- 4 adjustable bending speeds 

Technical data

    Capacity with split formers

    Capacity with mandrels

    Bending speed
    Average power consumption

    1 Ø 40 mm (#11)
    6 Ø 16 mm (#5)
    1 Ø 50 mm (#14)
    6 Ø 20 mm (#6)
    2 kWh

As the products are in continuous development,
the technical specifications and images are purely by way of example and not binding.