wire straightening machine
RI 12  

The rotor type wire straightening machine RI 12 is suitable for processing a wide range of smooth cold drawn industrial wires from Ø 4mm to Ø 12mm

The 4 independent servomotors allow: 

- Excellent straightening quality; 
- Max. pulling speed 160 m/min
- Burr-free high-precision cutting (tolerance of ±0.1 mm). 

A wide range of wires can be processed depending on the machine configuration: from mild steel to annealed and galvanized wirehigh-strength steels such as stainless steel, springs steel and non-ferrous wires such as brass, bronze, copper and aluminum using special equipment. 

The wide range of accessories allows you to customize the machine to the different needs of the industrial market. 

Available versions:  

RI 12/ML: The manual setting of the mechanical length-stop will enable processing wires with a bar length accuracy of ±0,1 mm. This newly designed contactless length-stop enables to action the cut without the conventional trigger system, often the cause of marking the wire’s surface when worn.  

Technical data

    Single strand
    Max. Pulling speed
    N° Cuts/Minute
    N° Cuts/Minute in continuous mode
    Length tolerance fixed shear

    Manual Bar length adjustment:
    Max Bar Length
    Min Bar Length
    Min Bar Length with Kit for short pcs

    Automatic Bar length adjustment: 
    Max Bar Length
    Min Bar Length
    Min Bar Length with Kit for short pcs

    Ø 4-12 mm
    160 m/min (530 ft/min)
    ±0,1 mm

    6000 mm
    470 mm
    50 mm

    Not Available
    Not Available
    Not Available

As the products are in continuous development,
the technical specifications and images are purely by way of example and not binding.