cage making machine
CM PRO 2500  

Cage making machine for the production of cylindrical cages with variable pitch welded spiral wrap; max cage  Ø 2500 mm.

High productivity and flexibility is guaranteed by the configuration of the machine and by the fully automatic welding unit SAF 3000. 
WIth the machine to produce cylindrical poles CM PRO 2500 it is also possible to produce on the machine square or rectangular cages and cages with the bars bent on the end (90 °bends, bottle necks and pointed).

Technical data

    Min. cage Ø 
    Max cage Ø 
    Max cage's weight
    Max cage's length
    Wire spiral Ø 
    Spiral pitch
    Longitudinal bars Ø
    Average power consumption

    800 mm (32")
    2500 mm (99")
    13 t (28700 lb)
    20 m (66')
    6÷16 mm (#3÷#5)
    0÷300 mm (12")
    12÷32 mm (#3÷#10)
    7 kW/h

As the products are in continuous development,
the technical specifications and images are purely by way of example and not binding.