straightening and shaping machine
Lista Bend 20R  

Multi-rotor straightening and shaping machine using coils up to Ø 20mm for the production of straight bars, large stirrups and shapes with bends on both ends.

- 4 wheel drive pulling unit driven by servomotors for high speed production;
- Maximum pulling speed 140 m/minute;
- The straightening system uses rotors, each one dedicated to a single bar diameter which  guarantees perfectly straight bars and wire diameter changes in just a few seconds;
- Servomotor driven cutting unit guarantees high speed and high cutting accuracy;
- 2 bidirectional bending units work “off-line” so the bars are  bent inmasked time”;
Automatic bending tooling changeover for higher productivity;
- Indexing carriage for the automatic collection and sorting of the bars produced.

Technical data

    Processed wire type
    Straightening capacity
    Bending capacity

    Pulling speed
    HS Version
    Bending speed
    Average power consumption

    1 Ø 6÷20 mm (#6)
    1 Ø 6÷20 mm (#6)
    2 Ø 6÷16 mm (#5)
    140 m/min (460 ft/min)
    Not available
    20 kWh

As the products are in continuous development,
the technical specifications and images are purely by way of example and not binding.