Reta 16

Fast automatic wire straightening and cutting machine, with rollers, for the production of cut-to-size wires up to Ø 16 mm (#5).
Driven by digital electric servomotors.

- Capacity: 2 Ø 13 mm (#4) 
- Max pulling speed: 240 m/min (790 ft/min)
- Straighteners (horizontals-verticals) with electronic adjustment and independent position for the 2 wires
- Rollers for the extraction of the last part of the coil (Optional)
- Motorized wire change unit (Optional)
- Web Teleassistance

Technical data

    Single strand
    Double strand
    Pulling speed
    Average power consumption

    1 Ø 8÷16 mm (#5)
    2 Ø 8÷13 mm (#4)
    240 m/min (790 ft/min)
    20 kWh

As the products are in continuous development,
the technical specifications and images are purely by way of example and not binding.