Plant for flat and curved mesh production for tunnel reinforcement
Flexiweld T  

Automatic plant for the production of special engineered mesh, flat mesh or curved mesh for tunnel reinforcement.
The curved engineered mesh produced can be used as inner or outer reinforcement layers in tunnel cages.

Starting from wire in coils, electro-welded mesh is manufactured with programmable pitches and openings according to the design specifications, avoiding any scrap.
Mesh are processed fully automatically: welded, curved to the defined radius, handled and stacked.


WIRE Ø RANGE: from Ø8 mm to Ø16 mm
STRAIGHTENING LINES: standard up to 6
MAX. WELDING CAPACITY: 16 mm on 16 mm
LONGITUDINAL WIRES PITCH: min. 50 mm with stepless increasing
CROSS WIRES PITCHmin. 50 mm with stepless increasing
MESH LENGTH: from 650 to 6000 mm
MESH WIDTH: from 600 to 2.500 mm
RAW MATERIAL: coils of hot or cold rolled wire of weldable quality up to 5 tons, max. tensile strength 500 MPa  


1. Wire uncoilers
2. Straightening and cutting unit
3. Unloading channels
4. Longitudinal bars feeding system
5. Rotating system for cross bars
6. Transporting chains for cross bars
7. Welding portal
8. Primary mesh extraction carriage
9. Mesh handling and stacking unit
10. Mesh calandering device
11. Stacking bench