Wire straightening
like you've never seen it before!

Schnell reviews manufacturing concepts to meet the needs of today: Just-in-Time processing, low running costs, negligible maintenance and changeover times cut by an estimated rate of up to 1 hour per shift!

Perfect Solutions for all the needs of Industrial market

Fencing & Gabions

Secuirty and Perimeter fencing panels, Mobile fencing, Welded Mesh for gabion production.

White Products & Households

Fridge shelving, Oven and Barbecue Grills, Dishwasher baskets and other kitchen & Bathroom accessories.

Electrical & Automotive

Cable trays, Industrial computer racks, seating support frames, headrests and accessories.

Furniture & Shops

Chairs and other furniture wire frames, clothing racks, supermarket trolleys and wire baskets, Display racks.

RI Series Range

The straightening machines are suitable for any kind of industrial drawn wire and guarantee high quality straightening, precison cut lengths as well as an excellent surface finish.

RI 6

from Ø 2.5 to 6 mm

RI 8

from Ø 3 to 8 mm

RI 10

from Ø 4 to 10 mm

RI 13

from Ø 6 al 13 mm