Schnell Group, the world's leading manufacturer of reinforcement processing machines and plants, has been consolidating its presence in North America since the late 1990s: Schnell America was founded in Detroit. Production initially involved accessories, components and a few machines. It was in 2002 when Schnell America evolved to become Schnell Parts & Services, with a change of location from Detroit to San Francisco and, in 2004, the final move to Denver.

Over the years, Schnell Parts and Services consolidated its presence in the market and its relationship with American customers; the company continued to grow and in 2019 took on the final name of Schnell North America.

The introduction of dedicated products for this market, such as the stirrup bender for bars 'Bar Wiser' machine, and continuous investment in personnel and quantities of on-site spare parts, have enabled the company to install more than 1500 machines in North America in 25 years, making it a major player in the industry.

The company has established itself as the largest of all Schnell subsidiaries due to its many quality services. Operating in a worldwide market, Schnell North America has a large spare parts warehouse and qualified local technicians to ensure timely and efficient service to American customers.

The Schnell Group's success is supported by its commitment to innovation and the provision of excellent products and services. Thanks to this dedication, the company continues to maintain a prestigious position in the industry, contributing to the progress and growth of the reinforced concrete industry.

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