Schnell History has been marked by many courageous and unconventional choices thanks to bold and farsighted customers. 

All this brought many product and process innovations, which have deeply changed the industry of rebar processing

Today Schnell has over 200 licenses deposed and is widespread to international level with a staff of 50 mechanical and electronic engineers, daily engaged in research, development and design of new products for the whole Group. 


_ License for the innovative mandrel/back-stop which allows positive and negative bends on both sides (most important application: ROBOMASTER);

_ License for the first automatic machine for the production of cylindrical cages: ROLL;

_ License for the revolutionary method of cage assembling: the new lattice girder and the assembling machine IDEA;  

_ License for the innovative bars feeder: GENIUS which increases the production and safety of operators; 

_ License for the innovative continuous stirrup for beams and pillars: SPIREX; 

_ License for the innovative system for straightening adjustment. SAPIENS simplifies the operational process even for less skilled operators;

_ License for the innovative double pulling unit, which allows the production of odd or even pieces while processing 2 wires simultaneously. This is mainly useful with shaping machines working with big diameters;

_ License for the adaptive pulling unit able to eliminate errors while measuring the bars length and annoying wheels consumption.