The solution of Servomotors

Already used in other fields such as robotics and military industry, Servomotors have long been the best solution to move and control any automatic machine to replace the old drive systems. 

Schnell understood the advantages of servomotors and adopted them since 1989, becoming the first company to use this new technology
Since then, electrical servomotors are still the heart of our machines making them reliable, accurate, fast, less noisy, environmentally friendly and above all, time and money efficient.
Schnell machines have low environmental impact, do not use oils, but have high efficiency motors that optimize all processes and reduce the CO2 emissions. 

"Today Schnell has thousands of machines worldwide controlled by servomotors: behind each bend, every movement, every translation of our machines, there’s a servomotor of which Schnell knows all details". 


• High power and speed;

Very low power consumption (reductions of up to 75% compared to similar hydraulic machines): 
_ a. Our machines convert electrical power into mechanical power, without intermediate transformations that may cause inevitable power dissipation (waste).
_ b. Schnell system reuses the power produced by motors during the breaking phase.
_ c. The absorption of power occurs only when the machine is actually working, while when in stand-by consumption is nearly zero.

Minimum noise: the machine does not generate its own noises, as it is very silent; the only noises are those produced by the wire processing. 

High reliability; 

• Simple construction and consequent low maintenance costs

Very high productivity

High accuracy.