Cold rolling line
Coldrive MV  

The Coldrive MV is a cold rolling line with single vertical drawing capstan for the production of smooth and ribbed wires from Ø 4 to Ø 12 mm
This cold drawing line is completely modular and the rolling process is made through drawing capstan and rollers cassettes for rolling/profiling. Driven by electric asynchronous servomotors digitally controlled. 

- Max. pulling speed: 12 m/s (higher speeds on demand) 
- Compact Lay-out 
- Highly customizable 
- "Asynchronous servomotor": low high-power consumption 
- User friendly software for cold rolling process management 
- Web Teleassistance 

Other cold rolling lines: 

Multi-pass line and multiple vertical drawing capstan 
- 2MV      3,4 - 12 mm   (12 m/s) 
- 3MV      3,4 - 10 mm   (16 m/s) 
- 4MV         3 - 8   mm   (16 m/s) 

“Coldrive” MO with single horizontal drawing capstan 
- MO  4,5 - 12 mm (8 m/s) 
- MO     4 - 12 mm (8 m/s) 
- MO     4 - 16 mm (8 m/s)

Every line is equipped with protections for the operator safety and is characterised by easy maintenance operations and short setup times, which guarantee high flexibility and productivity.

Technical data

    Number of pitches
    Maximum speed
    Out wire Ø

    12 m/s
    4÷12 mm

As the products are in continuous development,
the technical specifications and images are purely by way of example and not binding.