10/20/2019 Colli al Metauro

Increase the productivity of your shaping machines with the new C-Loop system!

In the world of rebar processing, continuity of production is essential to ensure high productivity.

In most modern wire processing centers, when the collecting carriage is full of shapes, it is necessary to stop the production to allow the operators to unload the carriage; the shaping machine could start working again only when the rebar collecting carriage is empty.

The C-Loop is an innovative unloading system for stirrups and shapes made of two motorized collecting trolleys.

The automatic system of two C-Loop unloading trolleys (instead of a single trolley) allows not to interrupt the production but to produce continuously: when the first collection trolley is full it moves on the tracks to be unloaded by the operators and it is replaced by the second trolley, which is now ready to collect the new shapes.

This way you can increase the productivity of your coil machine up to 20%!

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