Schnell After-Sales Service: All-round Efficiency and Quality

The attention we pay to Schnell customers goes beyond the sale of our machines.

Schnell guarantees constant and reliable after-sales support through fast and reliable service; this is essential to ensure a high level of customer satisfaction, which in turn translates into loyalty and long-term collaboration.

Our after-sales service offers:

Call Centre Service

Thanks to their many years of experience and continuous training, Schnell's skilled technicians handle machine service requests, identifying the problem and providing the best solution to the customer's need promptly.

In addition to telephone support, the Schnell Call Centre has been using online support for many years now: Instant Messaging and Telegram greatly simplify the work of the operators, facilitate communication and guarantee a prompt response, which is essential today for our customers, who expect answers and solutions very quickly.

Remote Tele-assistance

Schnell can assist its machines remotely, operating in Tele-assistance, thanks to an internet connection.

This service offers numerous advantages 
- interventions on the machine in a very short time, thus reducing downtime; 
- fast interventions even in plants far from Schnell's service centres; 
- reduction of costs and necessary on-site interventions by Schnell technicians.
- real-time assistance and support to the customer's operator.

It is a service that allows the company to always stay ahead in problem-solving: even in cases where on-site operator intervention is necessary and unavoidable, with remote assistance it is possible to identify the problem even before it starts, making intervention faster and more effective.

Original and certified spare parts

Schnell has a large spare parts warehouse to quickly respond to any replacement and maintenance requests for Schnell machine components.
The modern spare parts management system implemented by Schnell makes it possible to successfully meet customs challenges. Our standardised approach and well-defined procedures allow us to send spare parts to our subsidiaries easily, avoiding customs problems and delivery delays.

Specific training and education programmes

The Schnell after-sales department organises training and education programmes for technicians and operators on Schnell machines.

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