Get the most out of your plant with the perfect Layout!

At Schnell, optimising our customers' efficiency has always been a key priority.

With our in-depth knowledge of the industry, we take several factors into account: state-of-the-art machinery, the latest handling and storage equipment and advanced software.
To guarantee the efficiency of a production plant, it is no longer sufficient to only have advanced machinery, but it is necessary to organise production with the best possible logistics, considering that many phases within the operating cycle are closely linked to material handling.
It is indeed simplistic to think that our customers' needs are limited to simple 'cutting and bending'. 

The costs that afflict modern shaping centres often stem from underestimating logistical and layout problems rather than from the lack of inadequacy of cutting and bending machines.

A well “designed” rebar shop centre provides important advantages, including:

a) Increased productivity: a well-designed layout organises spaces in such a way that distances between workstations are minimised and production flows are optimised. This allows greater efficiency in processes, speeding up production and increasing productivity.

b) Reduced handling costs: strategic positioning of machines reduces the need to move materials and products over long distances during the production process. Less handling means lower operating costs and more efficient use of resources.

c) Reduction of risks and errors: the orderly positioning of machinery and materials lowers the possibility of human error and reduces risks to operator health and safety

The goal is to achieve a highly efficient and flexible rebar shop with an orderly material flow and adequate storage space for intermediate and finished products.

The right machines combined with efficient logistics, an optimised layout and appropriate software guarantee a significant increase in production, a reduction in costs, risks and material waste, optimisation of delivery times and a drastic reduction in errors, all with a lower investment.

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