Schnell and the UN.O. Program: The automatic factory becomes a reality!!

Schnell has entered the world of the “automatic factory” with the introduction of the UN.O Program. Schnell will revolutionize the steel processing sector by introducing machines, software and modern solutions into the global market to create fully automated rebar shops

Operators will no longer carry out machine operation functions, but will instead focus on logistics, loading raw materials, unloading finished goods, internal movements and truck loading, therefore overseeing the entire production process.

Process optimization, handling, and data entry occur automatically, and the entire production phase is perfectly controlled by our Optiflow software in the safest way possible.

The UN.O. program guarantee’s several advantages:
Greater efficiency: thanks to complete automation, production processes become faster and more efficient.
Increased productivity: automated machines can work continuously, increasing overall factory productivity.
Greater flexibility: Schnell solutions can be customized to adapt to different production needs.
Greater safety: by reducing the need for direct human intervention, risks to employee safety are reduced.
Better optimization: the "OPTIFLOW" software optimizes workflow and resource utilization.
Complete factory control: thanks to automation and management software, there is total control over production and processes.

The new generation of patented UNMANNED machines by Schnell includes:

ROBOMASTER 60 UN.O.: Automatic bar double bender with robot, bends any type of shaped bar without the need for operator intervention.
- robotic system allows continuous production, resulting in increased productivity.
- time losses are reduced both for the replacement of heavy bending mandrels, carried out by the robotic bar handling system, and for any machine downtime due to the absence of operators reducing the risk of accidents.

COMPASS 40 UN.O.: Multi-radius machine that allows for bars to be automatically selected, orientated, fed through the machine and unloaded, without operator intervention. 
Mainly used in the production of foundations for wind turbines and tunnels
High-quality final product due to bars always being inserted in the same orientation;
• Automatic control of the bending radius;
Automatic production process;
Only one operator/process controller;
Increased operator safety.

"SENSO TECHNOLOGY": The patented straightening system transfers the intelligence of an experienced operator inside the machine. Senso detects the angle of the rebar and interacts with the machine's software, autonomously adjusting the straightening or radius settings. Applied to COMPASS 40, it allows for immediate detection of the bending radius once the bar is bent, ensuring continuous control of the quality of bars coming out of the bending machine.

Cutting lines with "GROUND BUFFER": A modern plant requires high automation of production and material flow; Schnell's solution is the Ground Buffer. A large storage buffer of cur bars, located immediately after the cutting line, allowing the separation of cutting and bending phases, ensuring real optimisation of the material to be processed. Ground Buffer guarantees a high level of efficiency, maximum flexibility, and constant production control thanks to the OPTIFLOW software.

ROBOT APPS: A robot capable of picking straight bars or various shaped stirrups directly from the stirrup machine and stacking them in to different packing solutions within the its proximity. Robot APPS ensures constant production throughout the shift and, therefore, a significant increase in productivity, up to 20-30% more than manual use of the stirrup machine. APPS also guarantees increased safety and reduced risks due to reduction of operators.

SBL: The automatic bar loader, thanks to its innovative loading system, picks up, counts, and transports bars, automatically feeding cutting lines, without an operator. 
This offers significant labor cost savings and increased workplace safety. SBL can also feed a greater number of bars than manual loading, ensuring an increase in hourly productivity for any cutting line.

Do you want to transform your steel processing center into a fully automated factory? 

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