Radius bending machine

Automatic radius bending machine for the production of calendered bars from Ø 12mm to Ø 40mm
The bars are automatically selected, positioned, transferred to the calendering machine, calendered and then unloaded without the need for operator intervention.

The rebar radius bending machine COMPASS 40 UN.O. guarantees:
- the insertion of the bars always oriented in the same way;
- automatic control of the bending radius
- an automatic manufacturing process;
- greater safety for the operator.

COMPASS 40 UN.O. can operate in 3 ways:
- Automatic with single bar: it allows automatic feeding of the bar and electronic check of the produced bar bending radius;
- Automatic with multiple bars: it allows the automatic feeding of the bars without checking the bending radius;
Manual: with the same features of a CER40 calendering machine.

Bars calendering is mainly used in the construction of foundations for wind turbines or tunnels (those not made with prefabricated elements).

Technical data

    Bending capacity

    Plate revolving speed
    Calendering wheel height
    Min. calendering radius

    Ø12 mm (#3)
    Ø40 mm (#11)
    13-42 rpm         
    80 mm (4 Ø 20 mm)
    2000 mm

As the products are in continuous development,
the technical specifications and images are purely by way of example and not binding.