Steel ring bending machine
CER 40  

Automatic steel ring bending machine for the production of circles, spirals and radius bars for diameters from Ø 6 mm (#3) to Ø 40 mm (#14).
The machine uses a system of 4 rollers, one of which is specifically to ensure the stability and consistency of the radius of the curve. 
The rebar combined machine CER40 can be programmed to produce automatically up to 5 different radius curves on the same bar thanks to the measuring system. 

Max. pulling speed: max. 42 m/min (138 ft/min)

Technical data

    Bending capacity
    Min bending radius
    Plate revolving speed
    Installed power
    Machine's weight
    Machine dimensions

    6÷40 mm (#3÷#14) 
    25 cm (10")
    13-42 rpm
    7.8 kW
    780 kg (1700 lb)
    138x82x95(h)cm (55"x32"x37"h)

As the products are in continuous development,
the technical specifications and images are purely by way of example and not binding.