Automatic double bending machine
Robomaster 60 UN.O.  

ROBOMASTER 60 UN.O. is the first robotic double bending machine of the UN.O. program: UNmanned Operation Program. 
Robomaster UN.O. bends any type of shape in fully automatic mode without the need for operator intervention.

The shaping center Robomaster 60 UN.O. eliminates the need for operators during loading and bar bending.
It produces clockwise and anti-clockwise bends on both ends.

The automatic loading and unloading system allows continuous production, with no need for operator intervention.
The absence of operators eliminates any risk of accidents and allows the installation of removal systems in front of the machine for neat bundles of bent bars, further reducing processing times.

Technical data

    Capacity with mandrels

    Bending speed
    Bending displacement speed 
    Minimum distance between bending mandrels

    1 Ø 50mm (#14) 
    3 Ø 32mm (#10)  
    6 Ø 20mm  (#6) 

As the products are in continuous development,
the technical specifications and images are purely by way of example and not binding.