Graphico Pro: How to manage and organize your shaping center!

Nowadays, the organization of shaping centers is increasingly complex; companies face production, logistical and organizational problems on a daily basis. 
The goal is to increase production as much as possible, minimizing scraps and time.
To achieve this goal, the shaping center must keep multiple factors under control: the management of production processes, the control of raw material stocks, the assessment of delivery times, the production optimization and the reduction of wastes.  

All this requires a careful plan of activities, which, if done manually, needs longer times and therefore a greater machine downtime, in addition to possible human mistakes.

It is therefore essential to have a solution capable of managing and organizing the wire processing center in a systematic and effective way!

Schnell offers you GRAPHICO PRO, a software that, thanks to its modularity, adapts perfectly to any customer situation; developed to meet the customer real needs, Graphico Pro offers many solutions to shaping centers

- Important time savings: by reducing human intervention in machine programming and increasing the automation of production processes, you get a reduction of mistakes and a significant productivity increase thanks to great machine downtimes;
- Real-time control of production values: all wire processing machines are connected to Graphico Pro which allows real-time supervision of the scheduled processes performance; the technical department knows exactly which works are carried out and by which machine / operator;
- Material waste minimization: the optimization achieved through “Optimo” allows you to minimize the scraps, it reduces the cutting cycles and automatically reuses all wastes.

Graphico Pro comes from the great experience gained by Schnell software technicians in the field of reinforcement processing; it allows you to manage the production, the logistics and the organization of wire processing centers in a single software, optimizing all processes and improving the productivity of the plant.

Graphico Pro is a flexible, powerful, easy-to-use software for the development of rebar production lists for reinforced concrete, designed both for civilian housing and for public works.
The program stores project data, manages project progress phases and orders for production. All the data entered in the program can be printed through customized reports divided into different areas such as customer management, order management, orders by position, by element or other sales products.

It also allows you to print labels and processing lists for the different machines, to work easily by element or by position, to view the weight delivered and to be delivered, to have different types of statistics.

Main modules of Graphico Pro:
OPTIMO: integrated software to optimize the management of production orders for cutting and shaping machines
Fundamental software for cutting benches and stirrup benders, it allows you to optimize the distribution of bars in deposits and channels, minimize wastes, reduce cutting cycles and to automatic re-use scraps.

GRAFO TRAX: software that allows tracking the material of the production orders in the factory. 

The new data architecture of Graphico Pro can adapt to all international metric systems, support large volumes of information and manage multiple users connected to the same central system, in response to the needs of large companies that require centralized solutions and data sharing for multiple users.

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