Measure the drawn wire section without stopping the process!

The Mass Sensor is an innovative system for cold and drawing lines that measures the wire diameter produced in real-time without having to stop the process

Strategically positioned between the wire rolling machine and the spooler, it monitors the wire's actual diameter coming from the rolling process and it works using a combination of sensing technologies to obtain accurate and reliable data.

The Mass Sensor, thanks to precise detection systems and analysis software:
- eliminates offline checks, thus minimising downtimes
- contributes to a 100% scrap reduction, significantly reducing production costs
- monitors and improves machine productivity and optimises efficiency; data collected by the Mass Sensor can be processed to identify any anomalies or problems in the production process and improve overall machine output
- Integrated with motorised control cassettes, it enables automation of the process control.

The Mass Sensor can be implemented in existing cold drawing plants and is therefore an excellent investment for anyone wanting to monitor and improve their production process! 

In short, the Mass Sensor is an essential new component for rebar drawing machines. 
It not only eliminates machine downtimes and scraps but also allows you to monitor and optimise productivity.

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