7/2/2018 Sarnano, Italia

With Schnell the Sarnano school lives again

“Example of a virtuous synergy between enlightened entrepreneurship, institutions and a supportive community”– President Sergio Mattarella 

Schnell continues its social effort supporting the rebirth of the places and populations of the Marches affected by the 2016 earthquake.

After the rebuilding of Amatrice schools and the support given to the municipalities of Osimo and Visso, Schnell participates to the reconstruction of the school “G. Leopardi” in Sarnano, the school complex of this little town razed to the ground by the earthquake and rebuilt thanks to the “Andrea Bocelli Foundation” and the “Only the Brave” by Renzo Rosso
The young people of Sarnano will have their school back: an anti - seismic, eco – sustainable and technologically advanced structure with a large central garden and many services – from the school gym to the musical and multimedia laboratories; built in only 150 days, this project has given us even more trust and enthusiasm for the next challenges.

Schnell and its partners have always accepted all challenges, so it is for this initiative, as many other ones, which has been done in co-operation with suppliers and employees that share a strong sense of solidarity with Schnell.

And that’s why Schnell, during the Christmas holidays of the last two years, has decides together with its suppliers to replace the idic gifts with collections for charity. To these donations, Schnell has added both the funds of its employees and the contribution of the company achieving excellent results. 
We’re sure we’re going to repeat this experience even in other occasions.

We are proud of what we have done and we want to thank all those who have participated and made this project possible: together we make the difference!