Automatic bars feeder
Bar Loader SBL  

Thanks to its innovating system, SBL takes, counts and moves the bars for shear-line feeding in a completely automatic way. With SBL you save money and enhance productivity due to its flexibility. 

1. ‘SBL’ is extremely fast so it can feed more bars compared with manual feeding. The result is higher productivity per hour for any kind of shear line. 

2. No need of hard and dangerous bar handling so no need of people for such operation resulting in great money saving. 

3. The elimination of manual bar feeding enhances security at job site. 

4. “SBL” special structure makes it possible to feed shear-lines with higher a number of bars of different diameter and length resulting in: 
    a. drastic reduction in machine set-up; 
    b. plant overall dimensions determined by clients’ room available; 
    c. higher flexibility of the plant. 

5. The possibility to optimize cutting procedures means reducing scraps.