6/15/2017   Colli al Metauro


OPEN HOUSE 2017, the once every three years event for the Schnell Community has just come to a close. Taking advantage of the fact that no major international trade shows were scheduled between 12 and 16 June, Schnell open its doors to new and existing customers from all over the world; from Europe to Australia, from the USA to Russia. 

More than 500 customers coming from over 200 different companies spent several days surrounded by innovation and technology in order to find the best solutions to their various production requirements. 

Apart from the single machines and the integrated plants, Schnell presented new ideas and innovative solutions such as, for example, “SENSO TECHNOLOGY”, the first system in the world capable of making a “dream” come true: completely automatic coil straightening without the need for operator adjustment and without using rotors. 

In the Wire and Mesh sector the most important “new entry” presented during the Open House was the Versa Line 2500 T&B, the mesh plant of the future, a machine that combines total flexibility with high productivity

In the Cut & Bend sector, the latest new system from Schnell is Robot APPS, an automatic Robot able to pick straight bars and stirrups of variable shape and size directly from the stirrup bender and to pack them in predefined zones within a safe working area. 

Apart from the technological aspects of the Open House, Schnell also promoted the local territory: hotels, restaurants, transport and tourism companies demonstrated to our customers the tastes and colors of our land, rich in both history and culture. 

We thank all those who came for their participation and also all those who worked together to ensure the success of this event!