bar bending machine
P 45 EVO  

Dual-direction bar bending machine with three-speeds self-braking motor driven by inverter. 
The machine doesn't pull the bars during bending operations.
The equipment is driven by a self-braking motor.

Electronic digital programmer mod. 'KS31' which allows: 
- Programming stirrups and shapes with up to 30 bends; 
- Adjusting bending angles; 
- Storing up to 50 different shapes. 

Capacity: 1 bar Ø 40 mm (#11)

Technical data

    Bending capacity

    Plate revolving speed
    Installed power
    Machine's weight
    Machine dimensions

    1 Ø 40 mm (#11)
    4 Ø 20 mm (#6)
    5,5 kW
    815 kg (1800 lb)
    157x110x87(h)cm (62"x43"x34"h)

As the products are in continuous development,
the technical specifications and images are purely by way of example and not binding.