cage making machine
CM PRO Telescope  

Cage making machine for the production of round cages with welded spirals and pre-set pitch; max. cage  Ø 1600 mm.

The machine to produce cylindrical poles CM PRO Telescope is characterized by a reduced longitudinal length. The welding process is performed by a mobile unit and the bar loading zone is a telescope, for this reason, during the welding operation, the length decreases while the welding head moves forward.

Technical data

    Min. cage Ø 
    Max cage Ø 
    Max cage's weight
    Max cage's length
    Wire spiral Ø 
    Spiral pitch
    Longitudinal bars Ø
    Average power consumption

    200 mm (8")
    1600 mm (63")
    7 t (15400 lb)
    16 m (52')
    6÷16 mm (#3÷#5)
    0÷500 mm (20")
    12÷32 mm (#3÷#10)
    8 kW/h

As the products are in continuous development,
the technical specifications and images are purely by way of example and not binding.