Mesh welding machine
Multi Assembler  

Wire mesh welding machine for the production of reinforcing mesh, engineered, special, heavy and 3D (bent, precast) mesh working with pre-cut wires or bars up to Ø 25 mm (#8)

This mesh welding line is ideal for the production of both light (Ø5 x Ø5 mm) and heavy meshes (Ø20 x Ø20 mm). Driven by digital electric servomotors

- Highly flexible 
- Mobile automatic welding heads 
- Cold-rolled wire, plain or ribbed, or hot-rolled ribbed wire can be used 
- Production of meshes with big size (up to 4m of width
- Production of meshes with bent bars 
- Possible upgrade with automatic feeding group for cross wires, line wires and automatic mesh panels stacker 
 - Web Teleassistance

Technical data

    Line wire diameter
    Cross wire diameter
    Line wire pitch
    Cross wire pitch
    Mesh panel width (min-max)
    Mesh panel length (min-max)
    Mesh roll length
    Feeding of line wires
    Feeding of cross wires

    25 mm with 16 mm (#8 with #5)
    20 mm with 20 mm (#6 with #6)
    75 mm (3")
    20 mm (6/8")
    300 ÷ 4000 mm (20"÷160")
    6 m (20') 
    Not Available

As the products are in continuous development,
the technical specifications and images are purely by way of example and not binding.